Smart. Reliable. Profitable.

Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle are well known throughout the beef industry for their maternal strengths and superior

growth. With attributes such as more pounds of calf weaned, added fertility, greater cow her longevity and heavier

carcass weights, just to name a few, Gelbvieh and Balancer offer genetics that work for the commercial cattle



Balancer cattle are registered hybrid seedstock that have documented pedigrees and expected progeny

differences (EPDs). Balancer animals are 25 to 75 percent Gelbvieh with the balance of Angus and Red Angus.

Balancer cattle combine the Gelbvieh growth, muscle, leanness, fertility, longevity and low yield grading ability

with the carcass qualities of Angus.

Balancer cattle offer a simple and powerful way to maintain hybrid vigor and a profitable blend of British and

Continental genetics without a complicated crossbreeding system. These cattle fit well into all aspects of the

beef industry including commercial cow/calf operations and on the rail.

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